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    Bravo Delta ➣ OP Prison ➣ Custom Plugins | Unique Twists! | Custom Enchantments in the works!



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    Join date : 2015-09-01

    Bravo Delta ➣ OP Prison ➣ Custom Plugins | Unique Twists! | Custom Enchantments in the works!

    Post by nameiztaken on Tue Sep 01, 2015 1:31 pm

    Welcome! IP:
    Bravo Delta MC is an OP Prison server with the goal of setting the new standard in prison servers, some of the ways we do this include:

    - A lag and hack free environment
    - Multiple, well educated full-time staff members
    - Over 30 Mining locations
    - Custom Coded Plugins, such as our Fortune Blocks plugin
    - Easy to use systems, and super fast selling
    - And many, many more!

    - Automatic Inventory using /magnet on
    - Every user can fly using /fp on/off
    - Mob Mine with Monsters!
    - 30+ Unique Ranks
    - Balanced PvP
    - Helpful & Friendly Staff members
    - Fast inventory selling
    - Fortune Blocks (CUSTOM)
    - Good starting kit
    - Free rank gets access to a Survival world
    - And much, much more!

    We at Bravo Delta, are committed to maintaining the best possible experience for our members and visitors, and maintain a competitive, but friendly community.
    Join Today and start your journey!
    Minecraft IP:

      Current date/time is Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:57 pm