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    [1.10.2] Matrix Semi-Vanilla Server


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    [Junior Member]

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    [1.10.2] Matrix Semi-Vanilla Server

    Post by Morpheus1101 on Sun Aug 07, 2016 7:32 pm

    Matrix Semi-Vanilla Server with /sethome /home /tpa, Vault, PEX, Essentials etc etc

    The map is restricted in size of building space to 250k in every direction, with full Raid/Grief/PVP

    All of the fancy little tricks and commands run via commandblocks or plugins.

    We run on Hard Difficulty and during the Vampire Moon(Coming Soon) a boss emerges and things go from Hard to CRAZY HARD!

    Spawn is a small shack just enough to get you started, once you leave spawn its free range Grief/Raid/PVP so we suggest you not build or hang around the spawn area long upon fear of Death.

    We are also a family friendly server with a established community and group of players, but we welcome all players but ask you to keep all actions etc within the bounds of keeping the server family friendly and a community based place for all to have fun and enjoy themselves.

    With regular staff we keep an active look for those who think to use hacked clients to your advantage, so be warned, we do not tolerate such things and those caught will be banned instantly. We also acknowledge that women also play games and as such we also do not tolerate untoward behavior of any nature in regards to interaction with the women of the server, everyone is there to play and have fun, not to be hit on etc etc

    Bullying and abusive behavior towards staff and other players will also not be tolerated. We are also an English speaking server and as such we ask that you try to stick to this language on main chat. We understand that not everyone who can type English from a non English speaking place will be proficient at it and we understand and accept that.

    Our ultimate goal is to provide you the players with an enjoyable experience that's both fun, challenging and rewarding where you leave with a smile on your face and not frustration. With this in mind, we also accept that there is always room for improvement, so if you see or would like to suggest something or you feel something isn't right, please by all means let any number of staff know and we will see what we can do.

    [Junior Member]
    [Junior Member]

    Posts : 89
    Join date : 2013-07-29

    Re: [1.10.2] Matrix Semi-Vanilla Server

    Post by Morpheus1101 on Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:33 am


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